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Food Fest

Not everyone is lucky enough to be a puthiyapla (bridegroom) in a Northern Kerala family, where they are treated with utmost respect to the most dazzling and delicious dishes. Our Thakkaram food festival aims to give this experience to everyone. Greeted with an oppana (traditional Muslim dance) and songs, we also serve up some of the most complicated Northern Kerala recipes like Kozhi Porichathu and Muttamala during this festival.



Being a coastal city, Kerala is big on fish. We serve our fish as curry, fried, grilled, steamed and in many more varieties. The Kadappuram food festival was dedicated to recreating a variety of traditional Kerala dishes prepared using fish.



Valentines day


What’s food with a whole splash of love in it? For Valentine’s Day we went all out to create an unforgettable experience for all the couples that dined with us. Even our servers and staff got into the mood, dressing in red and handing out roses.



Have you had a Nasrani tharaavu roast, spiced up with whole black peppercorns and then cooked to perfection? Or a Meen vevichathu, choicest fish cooked in a fiery red sauce that leaves your taste buds tingling? That’s what Ustad Hotel served up for Nasrani Perunnal. Special dishes of the Christian community in Kerala were cooked by chefs specially flown in from Kerala.


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Achayan Chettathi

Food Carnival

On the back of the resounding success of the Nasrani Perunnal, we brought back some more dishes of the Christian community in Kerala including appam and stew, meen molee and njandu roast.

Stay tuned for more innovative and exciting food festivals in Ustad Hotel.


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